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About US

Credi-Care, Inc is a Credit Services Organization that specializes in Credit Restoration and Credit Education. We started developing this credit restoration process in the late 1980's. At Credi-Care we care about building long lasting relationships between lending businesses and their clients. We've been helping lenders increase their revenue, productivity, and profit for over 21 years.

In addition, if you as an individual have been denied "THE AMERICAN DREAM" we need to talk. By using our system you may be able to remove negative informaton on your credit reports and clear them legally. We do all the work for you as you just sit back and relax. You may be a victim of a layoff, illness, divorce, or mismanagement of finances caused by easy credit, you know "buy now pay later society." If you really want help call us at Credi-Care and give us the opportunity to prove that "WE CARE ABOUT ...YOU and WE CAN HELP...YOU. We work with individuals dealing with bankruptcies, foreclosures, divorce, or even medical debt, as well as college students trying to buy their first home or car. Although everyone comes to us for different reasons, they all have the common goal of credit repair. We have helped many clients increase their credit scores as much as 200+ points.

We work in strict compliance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act - the federal law and State's Statutes that governs our industry. including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We have professional background in Mortgaging, Real Estate, Foreclosures, Debt Consolidation, Credit Counseling, Financial Planning & Investing, Business Ownership, Corporate Management, Business Management Consulting, Debt Negotiations, Auto Sales, and the Credit Card Industry.

We operate from a fully equipped 3000 sq. ft. office on South Orange Avenue in the vacintiy of Seton Hall University, New Jersey. Our office is on the ground level, easy to get to, offers convenient on street parking in front. Our Office Hours are:

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Saturdays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

We work hard and consistently produce awesome results for our customers. There is no one in the credit repair business that has the depth of knowledge, experience, and analytical skill that we have, while maintaining the highest ethical standards. A bad credit rating may be costing you the finer things in life. Improve your credit and be where you want to be with Credi-Care!

Tom Tedesco
Founder and CEO
Credi-Care, Inc.